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How well do you understand your brand? How about your company’s perception in the eyes of your consumers? Your reputation and how it is viewed in the marketplace? These are essential questions for all businesses and organizations. Understanding your brand and aligning it with the main reasons you went into business is important to establishing your firm’s bottom line and building its competitive edge.


While many brands are aligned with a corporation’s outside perception, many organizations fail to align their mission with the deep-seeded reasons why they went into business in the first place- aka their Brand Promise. Synergy Marketing Strategy & Research’s BloomPrint model prescribes organizations with a dose of data, and an implementable, holistic strategy to unveil the core of the firm’s business process, providing the tools to deliver impactful results.

In a Thirty-Second, Elevator Pitch…

Unlike traditional research firms, data is just the beginning for Synergy Marketing Strategy & Research. At the conclusion of the Brand BloomPrint analysis process, activation sessions with the executive team, owners of the brand experience and key staff stake an input in the creative process. This insight immersion process ensures the team is engaged, passionate, involved and invested. BloomPrint is designed to ensure the firm’s team has the tools to deliver against the new brand strategy- providing all stakeholders with the chance to flourish. 

Brand Creative

In the outermost layer of the BloomPrint model, the Brand Creative represents the creative elements crafted to follow the messaging and brand perception of the company. This is the stage at which many outside firms are hired to carry out the brand culture and messaging of the product or service. Concurrently, the creative strategy is lined up against the established corporate benchmarks to ensure a unified marketing message given to consumers and the internal players of the organization.

Brand Message

Within this stage, the content to be communicated about the product, service or business is finalized. The messaging is created keeping the competition’s whereabouts, product offerings and perceived value in mind, while placing the values and best practices of the firm’s vision into the messaging of the service, product or organization being promoted.

Digital Experience

This step is all about who, what, when and where in the digital arena the brand message is targeted. Understanding your target market is key for this stage, as well as solidifying your message across digital platforms. The digital experience should be consistent with all other types of content and messaging.

Customer Experience

The customer experience stage is all about discovering what it is your customers want, where they want it, what your competition is doing to attract their customers and how they are attempting to steal away your customers. Essentially, developing the customer experience map. By analyzing the current customer environment, a recommended customer experience strategy can be solidified.

Brand Culture

As Peter Drucker infamously pointed out, a company’s “culture eats strategy over breakfast.” Within the Brand Culture stage of BloomPrintä, the organization’s Executives are part of a discovery session to key in on not only what the company wishes its brand to portray, but also the environment the company currently fosters the brand in. In this stage, customer experiences are benchmarked against communications best practices, incorporating a recommended brand structure strategy.

Brand Promise

Most importantly, there’s Brand Promise, the root of this whole process. The Brand Promise is basically the “seed” and root of why the company, firm or organization is what it is- the essential reason the firm exists and what started it all. In this stage, the organization uncovers its Brand Essence and creates a Brand Personality Statement. Because the Brand Promise is so deeply rooted in the organization, it is the starting point for the rest of the brand process. This stage is often not touched upon by outside contractors and companies assisting a firm with its brand, however, it is the most important piece to the flourishing puzzle and your company “blooming



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