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Marketing :: Curing paralysis with sound analysis

Drowning in information and gasping for facts is no way to deliver on expectations. Today’s market focus is on the acquisition and retention of customers. The problem is that no one can acquire customers quick enough or keep the customers they have—brand loyalty is plummeting at alarming rates.

As you know, consumers can be fickle. Plus, the proliferation of products and information available today contributes to the difficulty of “making sense” of it all. We can help unearth relevant points that guide and support creative messaging and account planning decisions and, ultimately, offer measurable returns through sustainable customer loyalty.

Maximize your marketing and research investment with Synergy insight and strategy. Let us help you deepen your understanding of your clients’ customers, identify the values which are most meaningful to them and effectively align audience trigger points with brand claims.

Synergy is not a marketing firm; we help agencies and marketing executives define, measure, evaluate, and bolster every touch point of the brand experience.

Let us help you define, measure, evaluate and bolster every touch point of the brand experience.

Here's how:

  • BloomprintTM for Brands
  • Marketing + Communications Strategy
  • Customer Experience Audit
  • Full-service Insight Center
  • Focus Group ConciergeTM



customer experience :: passionate customer champions

Without an accurate Customer Experience Journey Map, it's impossible to champion your customer in a meaningful way. You need to understand customer perceptions of your brand and process, their needs and motivators, and their behavioral tendencies – mapped over the customer experience journey to the successful use of your products and services. Assumptions will not drive customer passion. Strong insights and expert strategy and impeccable execution will.

That's where Synergy comes in--helping you map your optimal customer journey. We gather, understand, and act on ethnographic feedback from current and potential customers, so that you can really understand what motivates and drives them.

Then we can support you in mapping the ideal customer experience, training your front-line staff to deliver the results you need, and coaching your executive team to put and keep in place the best strategy while gaining buy-in from all levels of the organization.

Here's how:

  • BloomprintTM for Brands
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Customer Experience Audits
  • Focus Group Concierge
  • Customer Surveys
  • Brand Strategy
  • Ethnographic Research
  • Passion Equity Workshop Series for Frontline Staff
  • Passion Equity Immersion for Executive



marketing research :: DON'T Drown in the Details

Your clients want the secret formula that pushes their customer's buy-button for their brand. We can help you boil down the data to what really matters: results.

As you know, mountains of data don’t always reveal where the opportunities to increase share of market or share of wallet can be uncovered. It’s not that the information is bad, but perhaps the project lacks the tools, resources and time present acomprehensive picture.

Synergy research services range from logistical support to holistic, well-designed programs and strategic data interpretation. Through the Insight Center, we can also provide high quality consumer-focused panels, with recruitment drawn from one of the largest databases in the region. Our services rake through the fine details to gather information pertinent to your client’s bottom line.

By engaging Synergy for everything from simple support to strategic intellect, you can focus on delivering high-level research that best serves your customers, your brand, and your organizations’ goals and achievements.

Here's how:

  • Focus Groups
  • Customer Surveys
  • Secondary Research
  • Best Practices Research
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Customer Experience Audits
  • Ethnographic Research
  • Persona Development
  • Brand Audits



hr :: Your Most Valuable Asset is People

Unleash the passion that lives within your workplace, and live what you sell. See how productive and effective it can be to run your business based on the brand values inherent to your culture.

Of the many variables to success, people—attracting them, retaining them, motivating them, rewarding them, understanding them—provide one of the greatest opportunities for continued success.

For instance, an increase of just 1-2% in productivity can lead to millions of dollars in revenue.

Put the power of your people to work. Synergy can strengthen the distinctive attributes of your organization’s culture by identifying and defining your core values. Then we’ll recommend the incentives and accountability initiatives that lead to employee retention, motivated performance and long-term effectiveness.

Here's how:

  • BloomprintTM for Brands (focused on employees)
  • Passion Equity Workshop Series for Frontline Staff
  • Passion Equity Immersion for Executives
  • Employee Surveys, Focus Groups, Best Practices Research
  • Employee Experience Audit



diversity, equity & inclusion :: ConnectING with Diverse Markets

You’ve been charged with increasing inclusionary practices within your organization. Now what?

Even if you recognize what some of the problems may be, how do you go about fixing them?

That’s where we can help. By looking at the company as a whole, we help you evaluate and strategically address the main areas that produce the most bang for your buck. Since our inception in 2002, Synergy has helped major organizations fulfill their inclusionary missions, becoming more successful in the process.

By connecting authentically with new markets both inside and outside, your company not only increases reach but strengthens employee engagement and satisfaction, improves supplier relations, and gets access to a larger and more diverse pool of candidates.

Here’s how:

  • Multicultural Communication Consulting
  • Supplier Diversity Evaluation & Training
  • Multicultural Market Research
  • In-house Diversity Training & Consulting


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