Keys to Acquiring Your Most Valuable Business Asset: The Right People

“People aren’t your greatest asset. The RIGHT people are.”

-Jim Collins




Finding the right people with the right skill set to carry out your company’s duties can make or break your organization. Hiring a candidate based on merit alone is simply not enough if the culture, values and vision of the organization are not fully embraced by the new employee(s). Therefore the need for employees who are good fits for your company is crucial in today’s war for talent with an increasing dependence on key workers with complex skills in problem solving and other high-level capabilities.

Some things to consider...


How well do you understand your brand? How about your company’s perception in the eyes of your consumers? Your reputation and how it is viewed in the marketplace? These are essential questions for all businesses and organizations. Understanding your brand and aligning it with the main reasons you went into business is important to establishing your firm’s bottom line and building its competitive edge.



Have you ever heard the phrase “There is no “I” in “team”? How about “we are stronger together”? These sayings relate to the power of Synergy, our next Leadership Principle. Synergy is the power of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts. It means creating win/win circumstances for everyone—for yourself, for your colleagues, for your clients and for the community surrounding you all. Our company, Synergy Marketing Strategy & Research, Inc., does just that. We solve problems, and we make sure everyone—clients and colleagues alike—come out as winners.

growing bus


Starting and growing a small business is no small task, especially with a plummeting economy. But even in an ideal world with a booming economy, this is a major undertaking. There are several steps you must take as a small business owner in order to get the ball rolling on your new, small business venture. Let’s explore.


At the end of the day, your word is all you have. Do you tell the truth? Do you live up to what you say you’re going to do? Are your actions performed with a deep sense of honesty?



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